The Master of the vessel needs the finest and most accurate tools to fix his position as well as the best crew to support him. In the same way, a Ship Owner must ensure that his service providers are a reliable part of his business support systems. A tiny inaccuracy can make the difference between a safe journey and running aground.  At Brandenburg Marine our focus is to ensure that the client’s insurance journey is completed safely.  

We are able to assist our clients in placing the following risks:

Protection and Indemnity Insurance (Third party liability for ship owners)

Freight, Demurrage and Defence (legal assistance to ship owners)

Time Charterer's Liability Insurance

SOL (ship owners Liability Insurance)

Hull & Machinery Insurance including increased value 

Basic and Breach War covers

Kidnap and Ransom

Loss of Hire

Insurance of NVOCC operators, Freight Forwarders

Yacht Insurance

Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFR) in respect of Water Pollution Liabilities

Acting as P&I Correspondents in Cyprus for Thomas Miller Specialty